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Johnny Gardner Law Group, P.A. is a small Myrtle Beach law firm encompassed of dedicated trial lawyers. Above our experience, we continuously study the law to provide the best representation for our clients with strong legal counsel. With over two decades of trial experience in Myrtle Beach and Conway, the Johnny Gardner Law Group has the confidence, reputation and practice it takes to defend you sufficiently in Court.

If you find yourself in a situation and where you are in need of a Myrtle Beach attorney to defend your reputation, you need to team with a lawyer that is knowledgeable in all matters and processes of the legal. Having this knowledge can help give you different options to receive the outcome desired. You want a law firm who has integrity and a desire in fighting for positive resolutions in each case they invest in.

When you need a Myrtle Beach lawyer, call the Johnny Gardner Law Group, the law firm in Myrtle Beach and Conway that will fight in your corner from beginning to end. To ensure each of our clients receive the best representation our consultations are by appointment only. Call us today at 843-248-7135 to make an appointment.


If you have been arrested for DUI and are in need of a lawyer in Myrtle Beach or Conway, give us a call today at 843-248-7135 to start fighting for your case.

In need of Myrtle Beach attorney, contact the Johnny Gardner Law Group to schedule an appointment and get your case resolved.

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