Business Law

Business Law

Knowing who to call when you need a Myrtle Beach or Conway business law attorney is crucial to the success of a small or medium-sized business. The demands of running a business can be overwhelming at times and can be complicated by litigious customers, dishonest associates, governmental regulations, and unsavory vendors. The business and contract lawyers at the Johnny Gardner Law Group help business owners in Horry County to form corporations or other business entities, prepare and review contracts and partnership agreements, collect judgments, evict tenants, pursue or defend civil litigation, file mechanics liens, and purchase commercial real estate.

LLC/ Partnership/ Corporation Formation

The Johnny Gardner Law Group can help you from day one to decide what type of business entity is most appropriate for your company and to file the necessary paperwork. Determining the appropriate type of business entity can involve many factors and can affect your bottom line as you go forward with your company. The business lawyers at the Johnny Gardner Law Group will discuss these factors with you and help you to prepare the necessary filings to get your new business up and running.

Preparing and Reviewing Contracts

We will make sure that your interests are protected before you enter any binding agreements with third parties. Before you sign any contract, you should be confident that it will protect you from defaults, future litigation, and even unanticipated disputes. Some of the questions you should ask include whether the contract contains a liquidated damages clause, jurisdictional limitations or choice of law provisions, or a mandatory mediation or arbitration clause? Do these provisions and others serve your best interests or do they protect the other party at your expense?

Partnership Agreements

Any business with more than one owner should have a thorough and detailed operating agreement, partnership agreement, and by-laws depending on the type of entity. Failure to specify the terms of doing business can lead to lengthy litigation, tax consequences, and even a loss of the liability protection afforded to these entities. The goal of a successful partnership agreement or any type of contract is to protect you and to avoid unnecessary disputes or litigation.

Judgment Collection and Domesticating Foreign Judgments

If you are owed money by a third party or a customer, the attorneys at The Johnny Gardner Law Group know how to help you collect those funds without running afoul of the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, or other state and federal laws.

The Johnny Gardner Law Group can also help you to collect on judgments. We can even help you to collect on a valid judgment from another state, if the debtor lives or owns property in South Carolina, by domesticating the judgment and pursuing collection efforts in South Carolina.

Commercial Litigation

If your business needs to file suit or has been sued, you need competent, diligent, and efficient representation to ensure the best possible outcome. The Johnny Gardner Law Group handles lawsuits in business and commercial disputes as well as lawsuits for accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract between partners and shareholders. We assist in the purchase of commercial land, businesses, leases, assignments, and UCC filings. We file mechanics liens for licensed sub-contractors and contractors who perform work on improvements to real property to ensure that their rights are protected when they are not paid.

Whether you are just starting your new business or need help with the ongoing demands of running your business, the Johnny Gardner Law Group is here for you. Contact us today and set up a consultation to find out how we can help.

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