Traffic Offenses Lawyer in Conway, SC

Traffic violations such as speeding tickets can have long-lasting consequences if they are not taken seriously and handled promptly.

Traffic tickets can result in fines, a loss of points, higher insurance premiums, license suspension or revocation, the loss of a job, and in some cases incarceration. In many cases, a Myrtle Beach traffic ticket attorney can help you to avoid these consequences completely or to mitigate the costs and damage done to your driving record.

Speeding ticket lawyer

In most cases, we can help you to get your ticket dismissed, reduce the points and fines, or re-write your ticket to a non-moving violation that does not take points away from your license.

Most of these tickets do not require your appearance in court as long as you have an attorney handling the case for you and unless the case is going to be a trial. It is important that you retain an attorney before your court date and that your attorney is familiar with the courts, the agencies involved, and the impact that a conviction could have on your license.

Out of State Drivers

If you are an out-of-state driver, your attorney will also have to consider the potential impact that a conviction could have on your license in your home state.

South Carolina is a member of the Interstate Drivers Compact, and most convictions that you receive in a South Carolina court will follow you to your home state. In some cases, a conviction in South Carolina that does not carry points will in fact cause you to lose points in your home state or could even result in a license suspension in your home state.

Driving Under Suspension (DUS)

Driving under suspension (DUS) is a graduated offense with stricter penalties for each subsequent conviction, eventually resulting in mandatory jail time and license revocation.

It also results in an additional license suspension for an amount of time equal to the original suspension, which means that you must fight the very first DUS charge to avoid this license suspension trap.

Too many people get caught in a cycle where they plead guilty to DUS, get caught driving because they had no other transportation to work or the grocery store, then accumulate more fines and longer periods of license suspension. After just a few convictions for DUS or an accumulation of other traffic violations, your license will be revoked and you may be subject to a habitual traffic offender (HTO) charge which carries up to five years in prison.

There are ways to fight a DUS charge even if you think you were caught “red-handed.”

At trial, the prosecution must prove not only that you were driving but also that you were properly served with the notice of suspension which can be a difficult or even impossible challenge in some cases. Even in the worst of cases, there may be options for a plea agreement that does not carry an additional license suspension or points depending on the court you are in and the strength of the state’s case.

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