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Wrongful death attorneys know that the loss of a loved one is always painful, but the worst tragedy is when that death was caused by the unfair and careless actions of another person.

For the wrongful death lawyer, there is no case more deserving of justice than one seeking to help the loved ones of someone who has died because of the wrongful actions of another person.

There is no justice in a wrongful death case. No amount of money can replace a loved one, but a wrongful death lawsuit can compensate the survivors for medical and funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses that were incurred. More importantly, perhaps, a successful wrongful death lawsuit can hold the guilty party accountable and begin to bring some closure to grieving family members.

South Carolina Wrongful Death Laws

South Carolina law allows the survivors to bring a wrongful death action any time that a death is caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another person if the deceased person would have been entitled to damages had they survived.

The wrongful death lawsuit must be filed in the name of the executor or administrator of the deceased person’s estate, on behalf of the deceased person’s spouse and children or other heirs if there are no surviving spouse or children. The damages that are recovered in the wrongful death action are then divided among the spouse and children or other heirs as if the funds had been inherited without a will through the deceased person’s estate.

Wrongful death actions cover a wide range of different types of cases including auto accidents, motorcycle or moped accidents, truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, police misconduct, and virtually every area of personal injury law.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Wrongful Death Suit?

The damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death action are those that were suffered by the survivors or by the deceased person prior to their death. They may include:

  • Medical expenses for the deceased person.
  • Funeral and burial costs.
  • Loss of financial support from the deceased.
  • Loss of companionship.
  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages when the defendant’s actions were reckless, willful, or malicious.

As in any other type of civil claim, the insurance company will attempt to deny the claim, pay partial compensation, or delay your claim for as long as possible.

While the family is grieving and going through a difficult and vulnerable time, it is your attorney’s responsibility to ensure that the responsible party or their insurance company makes full and fair financial compensation. You can and should turn your case over to an experienced and compassionate wrongful death lawyer who will carry this burden for you.

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